For printing companies

This types of business have special requirements for price calculation. As a seller of printing products you would like to let customers add custom dimensions for your products and calculate the price based on a complex formula or a table of price rates.

We understand your needs, we made a plugin for you - meet Uni CPO! We believe it does everything you need and even beyond that. It has unique and exciting features. Do not trust words - just review our demo products or try by yourself! ;)

Inspirational examples

Check out demo products we created specifically to showcase possibilities of Uni CPO

What you can use

  • A possibility to let a customer set width/height/length of your product and calculate the price accordignly!
  • Use dimensions values in weight and/or volume calculations
  • Benefit from automatic dimension unit conversion, take your price calculation to the next level!
  • A unique feature "Colorify" for wall decals (and similar printed products) sellers
printing business

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