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Making sense of Builderius FAQ

What is Builderius?

Builderius is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to build and design your website, using cutting-edge technologies and modern web best practices.

Does Builderius work with my theme?

Yes, Builderius works with any theme. This site builder allows creating templates for specific pages only and/or insert any template on any page via WP hooks.

Is Builderius for me?

Builderius is a professional tool for developers or those looking to become professionals. It offers precision control over backend and frontend tasks, boosting productivity and speed of development. Ideal for developers transitioning from custom coded solutions or for developers and designer seeking more control than other builders offer.

Is coding knowledge required for Builderius?

Builderius is designed for both developers and non-developers. While some coding knowledge will certainly be helpful, you do not need to be an advanced developer in order to use it. We provide extensive documentation, educational materials, and support to help users at any level learn and utilize the tool effectively. Whether you’re looking to create simple or complex sites, Builderius is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals.

How can I upgrade my Builderius license?

Upgrade to a single site license by purchasing here, or upgrade to an unlimited site license directly in your account panel. You should only pay the difference in prices between the licenses when upgrading from single to unlimited.

How is Builderius different from other WordPress builders?

Builderius combines the flexibility of creating any HTML content you need with a user-friendly visual interface. Get any dynamic data using GraphQL while creating layouts. Enjoy the ease of a visual builder with the scalability and performance of a headless solution, minus the technical complexity.

Should I be afraid of vendor lock in?

No need to fear vendor lock-in. Our templates work with your data without making any changes, so you can easily remove Builderius without losing any content. Your theme takes over and you are good to go.

But isn’t Gutenberg the future?

Gutenberg is a popular, convenient and modern content editor, as such it pairs perfectly with Builderius! Our site builder is a far superior solution when it comes to web development. It is much more flexible and powerful for creating templates, layouts, mastering CSS styles and additional JS powered functionality. We see Gutenberg as a companion rather than a rival.

Does Builderius work with multilingual sites?

Yes, it does! Builderius has a built-in string translations functionality. It has an integration with Polylang multilanguage plugin and we plan to add more integrations with others!

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