Frequently Asked Questions

What is Builderius?

Technically it is a plugin for WordPress. Functionally Builderius is a site builder that allows you to create templates for any posts, custom post types, regular pages, archives, “404 error” page etc.

Does Builderius deactivate my theme?

No, Builderius does not deactivate your theme. The theme remains active and operational (if you want to put some custom code in functions.php etc). However, since Builderius is a site builder, it allows you to create and display custom templates, which is the “territory” of WP themes.

Could I use Builderius for specific pages only and keep using my theme for the others?

Yes, absolutely! Builderius allows you to partially override your theme. CSS/JS assets added in the theme will not be loaded on the pages which display templates from Builderius. Practically, it means a smaller size of the pages and “non-conflict” mode with your theme’s assets.

What makes Builderius stand out of the crowd (other page builders, like Bricks, Oxygen, Beaver Builder and so on)?

Builderius has full site editing capabilities. Moreover, it follows an even better concept that we call WIDE – WordPress Integrated Development Environment. It makes the process of creating a web site convenient and flexible by implementing advanced development techniques. In particular, more granular control over templates and their usage on the site, built-in staging/production modes, full site theme-like export/import, included forms functionality etc. We put a strong emphasis on dynamic data creation and usage inside the templates.

Do you have an affiliation program?

Yes, we do. Any user of Builderius PRO version can participate! Please, proceed to , sign in and send your request to join the program on “Affiliation” page.

What are the terms of the affiliation program?

The standard commission rate is 5%. Payouts methods are to Payoneer or as wire transfer. Payout period is 2 months after the month when the referral purchase has been made. This delay in payouts is due to our refund policy which is 60 days.

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