About Us

Volodymyr Denchyk

Co-Founder, Lead Back-End Developer

Hi there. I am the co-founder and the lead back-end developer of Builderius. I have been working as a PHP developer since 2013. During that period I was occupying different positions – from junior developer to team lead, but there is time to start a new journey. And this journey is Builderius.

I dived into the WP world not so long ago (I am a Symfony developer though) and figured out there are no good tools which help professional people in the WP development process. Aim of Builderius is to fill this gap.

P.S. At least now you know who you should blame for branches, commits, releases, builds….. and other professional things whose purpose you probably won’t understand at the beginning 😉

Elvis Krstulovic

Product Owner, UX & UI Designer

I’m a designer and a design educator. Since 2011, I’ve worked on web experiences for art and education organizations and taught graphic and interactive design to BA and MA students since 2013. I’ve used WordPress in different capacities throughout my career. From 2016 to 2018, I worked on design research and data-driven visualization projects.

I joined the Builderius team in December 2022 to help improve its user interface while maintaining its power and flexibility. Over my design and development career I have seen how an innovative tool can change the way we work. Builderius is such a tool.

Vitalii Kiiko

Co-Founder, Lead Front-End Developer

I am the co-founder and the lead front-end developer of Builderius. Whenever you interact with Builderius UI and want to thank me for the great experience (or the exact opposite) – just tag me in our community group! 😉

I am working as web developer since 2009. I was a co-founder of the team that has become an Elite Author on Themeforest, have created a quite popular and successful Uni CPO form builder plugin, and have tried myself in game development. Builderius is the new journey and I am happy to be part of it!

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