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It is fast! Blazingly fast!

The dead-simple interface and instant reaction of the builder make working with it comfortable. The changes to settings are instantly visible on the page.

It is succinct!

One module in the builder always renders one HTML tag. The source code of a page is clean, well structured and semantic. These qualities are considered to have a significant positive impact on the page's SEO.

Unique features.

Builderius offers unique features: built-in staging environment and user switching for fast development; live sync of changes made in the builder between tabs/windows of the same browser etc.

We have released Builderius packed with many great features already!

We also have a lot of plans and features to be added, and they are written in the list below. Think of this list as a public roadmapfor the project.

Builderius roadmap

Saving modules and layoutsinto the library is a great functionality. We let them be saved either with static or dynamic data– it is something that is not available in other builders!

We are going to add global modules/layouts. Special accent on “global modules” as we would like to let you make global either only a parent module or the parent with all nested modules, which is a layout.

Templatesare important parts of the site. They are presentational entities, they define the look of the web site. We made them applicable to virtually any regular or archive page.

We are going to add functional entities called Bundles. These are like WordPress plugins, and they will be included into Releases. Each Release will become a complete and autonomous version of the site!

We have plenty of interactive modules: sliders, tabs, before&after image comparison, modal, Lottie animation viewer, dynamic table etc. These are modular, compact and no-code solutions.

We are going to add even more: 1) a complete built-in form builder functionality, with special types of fields – sliders, datepickers, fields repeater, file upload field etc. 2) filter module to build an instant faceted search.

In Builderius we can save a part of the template as a layout or even make it global. It is a huge time saver for the developer. What if we want to do something similar for the client? The native solution would be using Gutenberg blocks.

We are going to create a Gutenberg block builder! The developer creates a block visually, inside the builder according to the design and then defines the content fields. The client uses blocks where they want to and adds the final content through the blocks.

We made a system of Releases. It is a reliable and easy to use flow for publishing builder templates. Releases are portable from site to site. They are much like WordPress themes.

We are going to upgrade this system and introduce the system of Builds – similar to Releases, Builds are published entities for internal use/testing. Previewable by specific users/roles. Is the client happy with the work done? Then convert Build into Release in one click!

WordPress in general and Builderiusin particular allow us to build dynamic web sites. The builder templates are data agnostic, so they are light and quite autonomous when compiled.

We are going to add a static site generator functionality. The idea is to generate a completely static version of a web site on demand. It is a viable option for smaller sites, no members area etc. Which is applicable for more than 85% of the web sites.

If you like what you read, if you feel you want to be part of this project, then do not hesitate and buy Builderius now.

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