Create a Regular Template in Builderius

Elvis Krstulović

In this post I will cover one of the fundamenal parts of Builderius workflow, creating templates and assiging rules for their display. So let’s start.

1. Create a Builderius template

Go to the Builderius “Tempates” subpage in the the admin area. And click the “Add New” button.

Builderius create new teplate page

In the modal area, give it a name and choose “Regular Type” from the dropdown.

Builderius template settings modal

Now you have to assign the template to one or more site pages or posts, here we will assign this template to the Front Page, however it could be added to almost any other part of the website.

2. Assign the Template to Desired Part of the Website

From the “Starters” dropdown, choose the option “Front Page”.

Builderius apply rules modal showing dropdown with options and Front Page selected

Click “Save” and done!

You have successfully created a Regular Template to handle the design of your Front Page.

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