Builderius 1.0 Developer Preview Alpha is Ready

Elvis Krstulović
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After countless hours, days, and months of hard work, we are thrilled to present the newly reinvented Builderius. We’ve literally rebuilt the product from the ground up, changing almost everything except our core vision of a visual builder with ultimate flexibility, a more efficient workflow, and an easier learning curve. And now, the early developer preview version is ready!

Modules Content Settings
A view of UI showing the mobile view in the canvas, and content settings for Heading module

Here’s what will be happening over the next days:

In the coming hours, we will reach out to a select list of users, developers, and friends of the product that we have compiled over the past months. The goal of the Developer Preview Alpha is to gather early feedback after establishing the fundamental technologies and UI patterns. This version does not contain all the features planned for the final 1.0 release, and many features are still absent. Additionally, this version will have bugs that we intend to address in the coming days.

After the developer preview testing and feedback period, we will release the Public Alpha. This version will be open to the general public and will be available via a dedicated landing page on our website.

A view of selectors panel with Code Mode enabled
A view of selectors panel with Code Mode enabled

Here is what is included in this version:

  • General workflow and UI design patterns
  • The Module Inserter
  • The Modules Structure Tree
  • The Responsive Canvas
  • The Global Breakpoints
  • The Template Switcher
  • Components with Properties (limited to built-in Header and Footer components)
  • CSS Variables Manager
  • CSS Selectors Manager
  • CSS Code Mode
  • Simple CSS Framework
  • Modules Content Settings (only partially and only on some modules)
  • CSS Settings (temporary input fields, but synced with CSS Code Mode)
  • Native WordPress dynamic data support (default post loop, menu links, post data, etc., but no custom queries, repeaters etc.)
  • Simple ACF fields and simple Meta Box fields

We are thrilled to enter this new phase, let’s build Builderius together!

Css Variables Ui
Setting a color CSS Variable
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