UI stories: If code is poetry, we made the writer’s notebook

Elvis Krstulović
Builderius Code Editor

While much of our focus is on ensuring Builderius has the lowest possible learning curve, rest assured, we’re not leaving power users or advanced developers behind. In fact, our new code editing experience sets unprecedented standards in the NoCode and builders ecosystem. 😎

Pay attention to the details here; we’ve expanded the CSS language specification to empower our editor to handle dynamic selectors like %selector% or %root%. Additionally, we’re implementing Custom Media, a form of CSS variable for @media rules, poised to become a standard part of the CSS language specification. Currently, we compile them into valid media queries. However, once these features become standard, we can seamlessly transition away from compiling and continue coding with ease. 🚀

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we push the boundaries of code creativity with Builderius!

✨ For those who might be new to our journey, Builderius is currently undergoing a significant redevelopment centered around new workflows and an accompanying UI. Stay tuned for more updates as we evolve! #Builderius #WebsiteBuilder #WordPress

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