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Builderius Free & Pro, a New Life for the Free Version

Elvis Krstulović
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Although Builderius has had a free version longer than the Pro, our focus has primarily been on the Pro version. Despite the necessity of the free version for the Pro to function, it has somewhat been treated as an afterthought. Our aim is to change this. We have significant plans for our free Builderius website builder, and we believe you will love what we have in store, our free version will surpass many pro builders.

Free Builderius, Reloaded

Builderius Free has been available in the WordPress Repository. Its roles are to serve as an entry point into the Builderius ecosystem and to demonstrate the unique qualities that Builderius offers. As any legitimate free plugin should, it must provide genuine value for users, rather than just serving for an upsell. Although the current free version achieves this, we believe there is room for improvement in each of these aspects.

More of the Right Features for Free

Let’s be clear: our ultimate goal is to contribute to the WordPress ecosystem and propel WordPress site building forward. To achieve this, we aim to empower as many Builderius-powered websites as possible. Motivated by this objective, the features we will offer in the free version of Builderius will make it an elegant and powerful solution for simple, blog-type websites.

Once you’ve experienced the capabilities of a comprehensive tool like this, we have no doubt that you’ll want to upgrade to the pro version for your next professional project.

What Will Be Included, What Capabilities?

While we won’t list all the features before releasing the Builder, we want to give you an idea of what we’re preparing and how we’re approaching this.

Builderius Free will be able to work with native WordPress and some third-party tools, and will provide what seems to us to be the basics for WordPress theme building. We plan to implement the set of features across the following aspects of the builder:

Templates and Components

Standard WordPress posts and pages, categories, tags and fields. Header and Footer components included.


Standard conditions based on template hierarchy or native post fields values.

Dynamic data

Core WordPress data coming from default post types and pages, categories and tags and default queries. Also ACF and Meta Box non premium fields are included.


From Menu Builder to Swiper, Section to Accordion, available modules will support the overall goal of enabling one to build that blog you have in mind.

Styling tools

Global classes and selectors, global breakpoints and user friendly styling controls, flexbox and CSS grid, provide plenty of tools to get you up and running fast.

A Better Alignment With the Ecosystem

We believe this approach is well aligned with the “WordPress Way”, where free software enhances accessibility to development for all by providing the fundamentals free of charge, while the pro extends the fundamentals way beyond what the free version covers.

Why Upgrade to Pro?

If you are building a multilingual website, have advanced data needs, have specific requirements about how website should be organized beyond the standard WordPress templates, want the entire power of CSS in your builder, UI and code, or need our premium support – you need the Pro version. For simple websites, free might be just enough.

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