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Builderius free integrations with ACSS and Core Framework

Elvis Krstulović

We have just released a version of the builder that offers free integrations with popular CSS Frameworks for WordPress, Automatic CSS and Core Framework. Our integrations will not set you back with any additional fees. If you are the user of these frameworks, simply update your Builderius to the most recent version, install CF or ACSS and start building your next project enjoying the automatic autocomplete inside the builder. There is nothing to set up, works out of the box.

With Core Framework, our integration works both with CSS variables and classes while with ACSS we offer auto-complete for classes only, while css variables can be used but without the benefit of the auto-complete. As soon as the team behind ACSS finishes their API for CSS variables, we will add that feature as well.

Here is a short video showcasing this exciting new workflow improvement.

Vitalii Kiiko presents the Core Framework and ACSS integrations with Builderius website builder.
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