Use case of sardiniaselection.com

Vitalii Kiiko
Use Case Of Sardiniaselection

I am proud to showcase the most recent site built with Builderius – sardiniaselection.com! This site has a quite comprehensive collection of Sardinian tourist companies and tours. I would like to talk about the technical side of the project, challenges and solutions.

With flexibility in mind

The most important feature was to provide a flexibility of creation of new templates for content managers. To provide such flexibility I have used ACF Flexible Content fields.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Flexible Content is a powerful tool for creating dynamic and customizable WordPress websites. It offers several compelling selling points for both developers and clients. Here are the key reasons for using ACF Flexible Content to create a WordPress site:

  1. Enhanced Customization: ACF Flexible Content allows clients to create highly customized layouts and content structures, empowering them to design unique and engaging pages.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Clients don’t need to know how to code. They can easily add, edit, and rearrange content blocks through an intuitive, user-friendly interface, reducing their reliance on developers.
  3. Efficient Content Management: It streamlines content management by enabling clients to add different content blocks (text, images, videos, etc.) and rearrange them on a page with ease, saving time and effort.
  4. Modular Design: ACF Flexible Content promotes modular design, allowing clients to reuse content blocks across different pages, maintaining a cohesive design and saving time on content creation.
  5. Scalability: ACF Flexible Content can be used to scale a website by adding new content sections or features, making it an excellent choice for growing businesses.
Sl Acf Flexible Content Setup
Flexible content field on sardiniaselection.com

The screenshot above gives a preview of a fraction of blocks created under Flexible Content field. All these blocks are available for standard and custom post types, so content management team can use them for each specific page.

Using Builderius hook templates

Creating blocks under Flexible Content field is not enough, those blocks must be displayed somehow. This is where Builderius hook templates really shine!

Sl Hook Templates
Builderius hook templates on sardiniaselection.com

Each Builderius hook template is displayed by WordPress hook. These hooks are located in theme files. Please, check this Builderius starter hooks theme we have released a month ago. Using such theme enables using WP hooks on all or certain pages/in templates. The rest – the actual layouts, all HTML/CSS is done in Builderius. Therefore, the layouts are available for modification any time! As well as for addition of new layouts. Together, it gives tremendous scalability!

Using custom fields values inside a template

The most important question – how to use data inserted by user in flexible content custom fields inside the template?

Sl Scf Flexible Content Values
Values of custom fields for a certain Flexibe Content block

Now, we actually want to display those slogan and title, and items on the page in this “Collage grid” layout. For this we are using very simple GraphQL datavar with “hook” name and this query:

query {
    data: hook_argument(position: 0)

And then this dynamic data is available inside a template and can be used via dynamic tags:

Sl Using Data From Hook

Additional features

Filtering of custom post types

We may see a fully featured facets/filters for custom content. Example is this all experiences page that includes an accessible filter for quick filtering of experiences (the main “products” of the site) by categories. Technically, we are filtering custom posts types by custom taxonomy.

Sl All Experiences Filter

Builderius PRO version includes Filter module. This is a built in feature! Interested? Please check “Create faceted post archive with “Loops & Facets” module in a minute” for more information and detailed code explanation.

Video version-preview

A bit more explanation and technical details are given in this video

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